When will i see you again ?

When will I know whether you’ve changed at all ?

And I wonder how you’ve been

And I hope that we’re not strangers now


I’m not saying it’ll work this time

I was younger then but I’ve not changed my mind

And I still dream of you every now and then

And when I do you’re mine you’re mine,

Mine again


Your beauty in the rain still stays with me

I hear you’ve changed I hope you’re still happy

Even though we never used to agree on

Politics or Netflix or oh,

You and me


Albion, Albion, Albion, Albion


When I was younger things always seemed easy

Like you and I were just sort of meant to be

I don’t think about you every day

But when I do I realise how time,

Has slipped away


Albion, Albion, Albion, Albion


I know you treated me the best that you could

It wasn’t easy but I’ve finally understood

I’ve missed out too on all the dates since I’ve been gone

But dear Albion I think of you it goes

On and On


Albion, Albion, Albion, Albion

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