The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

Searching the wrong things

In the wrong place

With the wrong clues

From the first pace

And it’s all I can do.


Having the wrong dreams

In the wrong bed

With the wrong girl

Next to my head

And it’s all I can do.


Well it’s the bad wood

From the worst tree

And those poison birds

Singing to me

And it’s all I can do.


It’s the wrong train

Going the wrong way

I can’t help it

Take it anyway.

And its all I can do.


Try to fight the light

’Til you’re burning up inside

Whatever the price

For this age old sacrifice

Whichever gods you want,

Cause we’re praying to them all


It’s the wrong train,

Going the wrong way,

I can’t help it,

Take it anyway

And it’s all I can do.

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