To Take Forever


To Take Forever

You take forever to tie your shoes

You take forever to read the news

You take forever in anything you do

Well take all you want, and anything you choose


You sing in the shower and you sing at night

You sing in your sleep until the morning light

You sing your heart out any time you like

You could sing it all wrong, and it would still be right.

oh ohhhhh… Yeah it’d still be right


You lost your wallet and you lost your phone

You lost your keys and there’s no-one home

Come round mine bring that guitar you own

And we’ll sing all those Ed Sheeran song ah you know

oh ohhhh… Ah you know


Do you think life can go on this way ?

Do you think time will stop and wait ?

Will this boat make it to paden bai ?

I can’t help it, I need it every day

oh ohhhhh… Every day


You sing in the shower and you sing at night,

You sing in your sleep into the morning light.

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